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Russia has the largest reserves of timber in the world (more than 20% of the world's reserves), 45% of the territory of Russia is occupied by forests. The most common species of trees in Russia - from softwood are larch, spruce and pine. Hardwood are birch and aspen.

Despite the reserves, not all suppliers can successfully export timber and lumber from the country. The reasons are difficulties in receiving approvals, preparation customs documents, organization of logging processes and logistics. That’s why majority of local wood wholesalers works only on the internal market.

We are as sustainable manufacturer produce and distribute wide range of the products including raw wood (logs after harvesting), unfinished and planed boards, pallets, veneer and etc. All our products have high quality and cheap price. We successfully work on the local and export markets.

Working with Russian Timber Company, it’s guarantee of working with professionals which are able to offer the best solution for your request. We are working as with direct buyers as with wholesale distributors (merchant). Mission of our company: "Best service for the best price".


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