What payment methods do you accept?

We are working with 2 schemes of the payment:

1. 30% in advance (percentage can be agreed additionally) + 70% after the loading.

We conclude the contract, receive prepayment and start production. Than the product is ready we prepare all documents, make shipment and providing you with scan copies of all documents. After receiving rest of the payment we send originals of the documents to the client via express post. With original of documents client will be able to receive container in the port of destination without problem.

Sometimes second part of the payment calls as DP at sight (Documents against Payment) or CAD (Cash Against Documents).

2. Payment via letter of the credit (LC at sight).

We are working with irrevocable confirmed Letter of Credit (Documentary Credit) to our side. In Letter of Credit must be indicated its submission to Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (edition 2007, International Chamber of Commerce, UCP 600).

If LC is opened for quantity more than for one transport unit (container, truck), Letter of Credit should give possibility of the partial deliveries. In this case, payments according to Letter of Credit should be made against the set of documents specified in the Contract concerning one transport unit, if the total sum of Letter of Credit is not exceeded.

Another payment methods can be considered but due to Russian customs system and very high fines in case of export without getting payment, methods mentioned above are the main.


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