The main Christmas tree of the Russia was cut down in Podolsk forestry of the Moscow region

December 15 in the Podolsk forestry of the Moscow the main Christmas tree was cut down. The third year in a row this honor come to Husqvarna company - one of the world's largest manufacturers of chainsaws.

December 17 spruce will be deliver by special truck to the Moscow for setting up in the center of the capital on Sobornaya square in Kremlin. It’ll set up for 3 weeks of winter holidays and will be ready for holidays since 25.12.17.

The selection of the Kremlin spruce was carried out by a special federal commission, which included specialists in forestry, transport, cultural specialist and artists. The main spruce must meet certain requests concerning age, height, diameter of the trunk, range of branches and visual attractiveness.

In competition take a part 26 trees from different regions of Moscow region. At the final In the last stage of the selection were three pretenders.

The winner was a Christmas tree with age is 90 years, height 27 meters, the diameter of the trunk is 60 centimeters and weight more than 6 tons.

Serious requirements are traditionally demands for the choice of the sawing tool. This is third time than for this purpose was chosen chainsaw Husqvarna 365. This Swedish chainsaw has been developed in close cooperation with Russian specialists in the forest industry, taking into account work in severe climatic conditions. That's why this model is one of the most popular professional chainsaws in Russia.

Traditionally, after the New Year holidays, the trunk of the tree will be used for the production of toys and souvenirs.  Seeds from cones allow to plant about 40000 new trees.


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