Forest fires in Russia spread on area of 100 thousand hectares

May 3, 79 natural fires were recorded on the territory of Russia on an area of more than 99 thousand hectares, some of them on area of 13 thousand hectares were extinguished. This was reported in the Federal Forest Protection Service.

On May 1, the agency reported that in Russia there are 88 wildfires raging on an area of about 170,000 hectares.

The largest number of forest fires is stated in the Amur region - 13 wildfires on an area of 75.2 thousand hectares.

15 wildfires are on the are 9800 hectares in Transbaikalia.

In the Khabarovsk Territory there are 13 fires in an area of more than 9 thousand hectares, in the Primorsky Territory - 10 fires (4,3 thousand hectares). At the same time, one fire on an area of 300 hectares occurred in National Park - Zov Tigra.

According to Interfax agency, more than 3 thousand people, 578 units of equipment and 51 aircraft are involved in extinguishing, which monitors the situation and participates in the suppression.

On the territory of the Transbaikalian Territory and the Amur Region, an emergency situation regime was introduced.

He also operates in the same area of the Chelyabinsk region and the Jewish Autonomy.

On April 30, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov announced the strengthening of the group of firefighters to extinguish natural and forest fires in Primorsky Krai.


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