Russian government decreases duties for export Aayan spruce, Khingan fir and Dahurian larch

12th December 2017 the Russian government has signed government Resolution No. 1520. Resolution decreases export duties for export raw timber of Aayan spruce, Khingan fir and Dahurian larch to 6.5% (but not less than 4 EUR for cubic meter) since 1st January 2018. However, this customs rate will be related only concerning 4 million cubic meters of the spices which will be distributed according to quotas. Rates for rest volume stay the same 25% but not less than 15 EUR for cubic meter.

As experts estimate this resolution it created an additional opportunity for export raw timber Aayan spruce, Khingan fir and Dahurian larch. First of all, this changes increase export of the logs of this species to China and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The main condition for obtaining quotes will presence in export activities not less than 20% export of the lumber for particular company (25% from January 1, 2019, etc.).

This is a small amount for big exporters and it’ll be easy carry out for satisfying this restriction. As estimates experts, the real result of the introduction of new quotas will increase of exports of untreated coniferous from the eastern regions of Russia by four million cubic meters per year, mainly to China.


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