Vladimir Putin during press conference answer to the question concerning reforestation

On December 14, 2017, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin take a part into major annual press conference. About 1640 journalists registered for the event, this is highest quantity in the history of this event.

In the beginning of 2017, Vladimir Putin declared this year as “Year of Ecology”. Of course among many questions during event were several questions concerning the topic of environmental protection.

The President of Russia note that one of the main priority of government for the next few years is development of infrastructure. This process very close related with protection of environment.

"We know that such a problem arises always and everywhere: between the protection of ecology, the protection of nature and development. We always need try to search the golden mean. We have already made a decision in this area. In case of implementing industrial and infrastructure projects and if this is related with deforestation it will be obligated to implement the so-called forest planting.

Therefore, as many trees were cut down during the implementation of an industrial or infrastructure project as many trees should be planted. If we will approach the problems of development and preservation of nature, I think we will be on the right way! " The draft law "On integrated reforestation" has already been developed. In the future it is planned to adhere to the unshakable formula: "one hectare of felling - one hectare of reforestation".


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