The volume of Russian wood products in 2017 increased by 2.2%

In 2017 the growth of industrial production in Russia was about 1%. At the same time, production in Russian wood sphere was 2.2%. The biofuel grew particularly noticeably: pellets production increased by 29.6%, and briquettes - by 35.9%. The production of sawn timber increased by 5.7%, pulp - by 1.3%, paper and paperboard - by 1.2%. According to official statistics the growth of timber industry was higher than average growth of industrial production due to increased exports and higher prices on world markets. At the same time, growth was hampered by a shortage of raw materials.

The boards remain the main driver of the growth of the Russian timber industry complex. The increase in the production of sawn timber in 2017 by 5.7% is due to the stable high demand in export markets. Now the plans of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to increase the internal consumption of boards. To do this, it is proposed to introduce a quota of 30% for the construction of social facilities from wood and subsidizing the rate of mortgage lending. Raw timber production of coniferous decreased by 1.1% last year, and hardwood increased by 5.9%, which led to a deficit of saw logs. Recall that in connection with the weather conditions and the raw materials problem of 2017 was not entirely successful for enterprises.

According to experts, the shortage of raw materials particularly affected the plywood, whose production in the past year decreased by 2.7%, to 3.72 million m3. The production of chipboards, OSB and MDF shows growth for the fourth year in a row, in 2017 it was 8%, to 8.4 million m3. The output of wood-fiber boards increased to 591 million m2 (+ 6.2%).


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