The total value of the lumber exported through the Chita customs increased by 35%

In the region of the activities of the Chita Customs, timber is one of the main exported goods. In 2017, were registered 124 participants in timber export activity, that is 22 more than in 2016. Volume of export declaration with raw timber and lumber reach 3130 declarations for 2017 year.

Below you can find basic statistics for wood export from Chita region.

Statistic parameter 2017 year  2016 year
Total exported volume of timber and lumber 716560,4 m3 578292,4 m3
Total volume of exported timber 32258,7 m3 27445,4 m3
Total volume of exported lumber 684301,7 m3 550846,9 m3
 Total volume of exported timber in US dollars 3,9 million USD* 2,4 million USD*
 Total volume of exported lumber in US dollars 40,5 million USD** 29,9 million USD**

*For timber increasing is 22,5%.

** For lumber increasing is 35,2%.

Basically are exporting following species: pine, larch, birch, aspen.

China remains the main country where wood is exported. In 2017, 98.5% of all timber was exported there. The share of other countries where timber is exported is insignificant.

The largest volumes of timber exports were registered at the Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky customs post, second is Chita customs post, and the Aginsky customs post is third.

For the year of 2017, customs officials were carry out 32 customs inspections during customs control at declaration stage, according to which 15 cases of administrative violations were initiated. At the stage of departure of goods, 109 customs inspections were carried out, 65 of which were effective.

In 2017, the practice of identifying rough-cut timber, moving duty-free under the guise of processed ones, was continued. In total, at the stage of declaring and leaving by officials of customs posts of the Chita customs, 55 cases on administrative violations were instituted on the facts of establishing the characteristics of the exported rough timber. As a result, 10 534 pcs were confiscated, total volume is 1419.8 cubic meters with amount 4,1 million rubles. The amount of accrued fines are 381.6 thousand rubles. (in 2016 - 11 such cases, the total volume of the seized coarse bar was 774.75 cubic meters).


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