Silver and white baltic birch wood for sale (lumber, boards and planks)

Birch is a thin-leaved deciduous tree of the genus Betula. Birch timber is a good choice wood for furniture projects. Durable, solid birch wood has a smooth texture that makes it capable to paints, which means that it is a universal choice for different types of the furniture. Birch is also used as veneer to form the top layer on wooden furniture.

There are two species of the birch common for the Russia and well known as Russian birch or Baltic birch hardwood:

buy silver birch from Russia

Silver birch - Betula pendula

Tree Size: 20-30 m (65-100 ft) tall, 0.3-0.6 m (1-2 ft) trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 640 kg/m3 (40 lbs/ft3)

buy white birch from Russia

European white birch or downy birch - Betula pubescens

Tree Size: 10-20 m (33-65 ft) tall, 0.3-0.6 m(1-2 ft) trunk diameter

Average Dried Weight: 625 kg/m3 (39 lbs/ft3)

For silver and white birch timber from Russia, the common core tends to be light reddish-brown, with an almost white sapwood. Occasionally figured pieces are available with a wide shallow curl, similar to the curl found in Cherry. There is practically no difference in color between annual growth rings, giving Birch a slightly dull, uniform appearance.

Russian timber company offer you to buy unedged and edged birch lumber of the different grades. Birch lumber is a durable, natural and ecological product. We produce birch wood boards and planks from high quality logs, core usually removed from the lumber during sawing. Drying process goes in certified kilns.

The structure of birch wood, as well as its aesthetic appeal, allows creating interiors that are surprising in their beauty, which will last for many years.

Unedged birch lumber

buy unedged birch from Russia The main application of an unedged birch board is the manufacture of furniture. Due to the fact that the solid birch hardwood looks very nice, at the same time strong enough and quite light, it is an excellent material for various furniture projects.

In addition, birch wood boards fits very well for manual and mechanical processing, which is important in the manufacture of decorative elements of furniture and interior.

Unedged birch hardwood lumber is obtained by longitudinal sawing mainly on band saws, the edges remain unprocessed.

We offer unedged birch wood planks for sale of the following specification:

Spices: Russian or Baltic birch hardwood (silver and white birch lumber)

Quality: AA/AB, BB, BC, CC, ABC (C grade not more than 5% from total volume)

  • Lenght: 1.0 – 6.0m
  • Width: 50;75;100;125;150mm +
  • Thickness: 24mm, 33mm. Any other thickness can be considered for production.
  • Moisture: 8-10%
  • Weight: 625-640kg/m3

Edged birch lumber

buy edged birch from Russia

Edged birch hardwood boards except furniture projects can also be used for building structures, as a floor and parquet board. Due to the fact that under the influence of a certain temperature and water vapor, the board can change its characteristics, change its flexibility, it could be used for constructions with irregular and complex geometric shapes.

We offer edged birch wood for sale of the following specification:

  • Spices: Russian or Baltic birch hardwood (silver and white birch lumber)
  • Quality: AA/AB, BB, BC, CC, ABC (C grade not more than 5% from total volume)
  • Lenght: 1.0 –6.0m
  • Width: 50;75;100;125;150mm +
  • Thickness: 24mm , 33mm (or on demand)
  • Moisture: 8-10%
  • Weight: 625-640kg/m3

Birch wood boards could be milled for smoother surface additionally according to purchaser requirements.

Grades of birch lumber

You can buy birch wood boards of the following grades:

  • AA – both sides without knots, core not allowed.
  • AB – one side without knots, other side with rare knots, approx. 1 knot on 1 meter, core not allowed.
  • BB – both sides with rare knots, approx. 1 knot on 1 meter, core not allowed.
  • BC – one side with one knot on one meter, other side with unlimited knots, core allowed 30% from board one side area.
  • CC – unlimited knots, core from both sides, not exceeding 30% from board total area.
  • ABC – not sorted, sawned from AB grade log, C class not exceeding 5% from total volume.


Every package has birch wood boards with the same length. Every package packed in foil with all 4 sides and tightly tied together with the hoop.

Loading capacity for 40’ container approximately 30 m3.

Payment and delivery

Our company is worldwide supplier of birch wood lumber. Delivery is possible by truck, container or wagon on different terms of delivery according to your preferences.

Concerning payment, we are working under T/T (payment in advance) or L/C payment terms, but we also open for suggestions from your side.

Birch lumber slightly inferior to the hardness of oak, but birch hardwood price is much cheaper than the price of oak or beech lumber.

We are always pleased to consult you concerning questions of export lumber from Russia. Feel free to contact us that get quotation.


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