Wood pallet boards and lumber (blanks) for sale from wholesale supplier

Pallet blanks – a specially pre-cut pallet lumber, which are using for the manufacture of wooden pallets. This components use for manufacture of flat multi-turn pallets, which are designed for transportation different goods during loading and unloading and another mechanized warehouse operations.


1. Species

For preparation of pallet blanks can be used different species of the wood. The most common for this purposes are pine/spruce and birch/aspen. In accordance with the customer's requirements we supply softwood and hardwood pallet boards.

2. Basic dimentions

Pallets of different sizes are used in different regions of the world, the requirements for the size of the boards are different accordingly. The table below shows the dimensions of the most popular pallets according to ISO Standard 6780 for different regions of the world.

Dimensions (W×L), millimeters Dimensions (W×L), inches Region most used in
1016 × 1219 40.00 × 48.00 North America
1000 × 1200 39.37 × 47.24 Europe (Finland), Asia
1165 × 1165 45.9 × 45.9 Australia
1067 × 1067 42.00 × 42.00 North America, Asia
1100 × 1100 43.30 × 43.30 Asia
800 × 1200 31.50 × 47.24 Europe

The most popular wood pallet boards for sale from Russia are planks for pallets with sizes 800 × 1200 also known as Euro pallets or EPAL pallets.

Dimensions and quantity of planks and bars for Euro pallet.


1200x100x22 mm – 4 pcs

1200x145x22 mm – 4 pcs

800x145x22 mm – 3 pcs


78х100х145 mm – 6 pcs

78х145х145 mm – 3 pcs

Nails: 78 pcs

europallet dimensions

According to customers ' requirements, we manufacture and supply boards and blocks of different sizes according to customer specification, different sizes are available. On the other hand, we do not require additional money for the production of non-standard size boards, but the term of such shipment can be longer.

3. Grading

According to Russian standard - GOST 26002-83 sawn timber is divided into 5 grades by quality. According to this standard we supply following pallet lumber:

  • pallet boards 1-3 grades
  • pallet boards 4-5 grades
  • pallet blocks of any grade, in accordance with the specification

Become more familiar with the Russian classification of lumber you can if follow the link GOST 26002-83.

4. Moisture and treatment

Moisture and treatment Description Pros Cons
Freshly sawn lumber without treatment Supply of freshly sawn materials is possible only in winter, for short distances to the countries of northern Europe. In warm season, the board in a trailer or container is exposed to the fungus, which can lead to a loss of commercial quality of the product.
  • cheap
  • fungus damage during transport
  • low loading capacity, as result high cost for logistics
Freshly sawn lumber with treatment The sawn timber is treated with a special solution that prevents the appearance of the fungus during transportation and use of the products.
  • little cheaper than KD lumber
  • susceptible to fungus
  • higher price
  • low loading capacity, as result high cost for logistics
Lumber KD 16-18% The sawn timber is placed in a drying chamber and dried to a moisture content of 16-18%. In the drying process, moisture evaporates from the wood and all harmful organisms also die.
  • small weight, high loading capacity
  • susceptible to fungus
  • high price


In pallet boards production we use disk and band equipment of good quality. Disk equipment allows to produce materials with good geometry, minimal tolerances and smooth surface that does not need further processing. Production process of packing lumber is divided into 4 steps.

1. Longitudinal sawing of logs on a double-edged beam and a slab board

1 1  arrow  1 2 

2. Longitudinal sawing of double-edged beams into boards and bars

2 1 arrow 2 2

3. Diametrical sawing of boards and bars in specified sizes

3 1

4. Wood drying

3 1

Photos of the finished product

Loading and transportation

For loading we use a standard forklift. Before loading each package of material, it must be weighed to exclude the possibility of overloading the vehicle or container during following weight control in the sea port (VGM certificate for containerships) or at the border (for trucks).

Approximate volume of loading in means of transportation*:

Means of transportation  Loading weight, tons Loading volume, m3
Truck 22 42
Container 40’ DC 25 48
Container 40’ HC 27 53

* Figures are valid for pine wood with KD 16-18%.

In case of transportation by truck, shipment is carried out from warehouses in Ivanovo and Kostroma regions.  In case of transportation by container, shipment is carry out via Saint-Petersburg sea ports. 
bars truck loading pallet boards container loading

Through containerships wholesale deliveries could be carry out all over the world. You can buy pallet blanks with delivery to the following countries: EU, USA, China, India, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many others.

ISPM 15 Certification

According to requirements of the customer with can provide you with Fumigation certificate.

According to requirements of The European Pallet Association (EPAL) all manufactures of the pallets in European Union should use for pallet production only lumber certified concerning to standard ISPM 15.

Due to global transport, one single untreated pallet could cause extensive damage: pests found in imported wood can endanger the tree population of a country and threaten a whole ecosystem.

ISPM 15 certificate means that lumber was heat treated (HT) with placing pallet boards in drying chamber in which the wood is heated. The core temperature of the wood must reach a minimum of 56°C for at least 30 minutes. This eliminates all harmful organisms likely to attack standing plants.

After the HT releases fumigation certificate thich proves that HT was done properly. This certificate is obligated during import formalities in EU.

Export formalities and set of the documents

After the loading and finishing of the customs formalities we provide the customer with scan copies of the following documents:

  • invoice;
  • packing list;
  • bill of lading;
  • phytosanitary certificate;
  • certificate of origin (additionally);
  • ISPM 15 fumigation certificate (additionally).

Providing clients with original of the documents is carried out according to the terms of the payment.

Payment and terms of delivery

We are working with 2 schemes of the payment:

  1. 30% in advance (percentage can be agreed additionally) + 70% after the loading, shipment and providing you with scan copies of the mentioned above documents. After receiving rest of the payment we send original of the documents to the client via express post. With original of the Bill of lading client will be able to receive container in the port of destination without problem.
  2. Payment via letter of the creding (LC at sight). We are working with irrevocable confirmed Letter of Credit (Documentary Credit) to our side. In Letter of Credit must be indicated its submission to Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (edition 2007, International Chamber of Commerce, UCP 600).

Another payment methods can be considered but due to Russian customs system and very high fines in case of export without getting payment, methods mentioned above are the main.

We are always pleased to consult you concerning questions of export packing boards from Russia. Feel free to contact us that get quotation.


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