Lumber from Russian pine wood: furniture and building board (planks) for sale

One of the main activities of the company Russian Timber Company is the export of the lumber. We export pine-fir lumber, fresh and dry (chamber drying). Below you will find the types of the lumber that we sell.

Natural moisture lumber

Natural moisture boards Natural moisture bars
boards bars

 Boards and bars of natural moisture are a sawnwood, which is obtained by sawing logs from all sides. Products are characterized by the same cross-section, which is made by specialists along the entire length of the log. When carrying out repair and construction work lumber could be impregnated with special antiseptic compound in order to increase its fire and fungus resistance.


  • the cheapest cut material


  • lower loading volume due to high moisture content
  • restriction in export to some countries, in accordance with the requirements for moisture
  • fungus damage during transport, especially during transportation by container in summer 

Dry lumber

Dry boards Dry bars
boards dry bars dry

Dry boards and bars are sawnwood, which is obtained by drying lumber of natural moisture. We sell dry lumber only chamber drying, which avoids further shrinkage, the appearance of cracks, distortions and the appearance of fungus. We export lumber with a moisture content of KD 16-18% or KD 8-12% according to customer requirements.


  • acceptable price
  • the material is not susceptible to fungus, less strict phytosanitary control, it is easier to export from Russia and import into the country of importation
  • a much larger volume of loading compared to natural moisture lumber


  • not suitable for interior constructions

Dry and milled lumber

Dry and milled boards Dry and milled bars
boards milled bars milled

Dry milled boards and bars are sawnwood, which is obtained by sawing logs from all sides, further milling and drying lumber of natural moisture. As a result of wood processing on milling machines, all "waviness" is removed, the surface of the lumber becomes perfectly smooth. Dimensions obtained at the output of the milled board are accurate, the degree of deformation is minimal.


  • a wide range of applications
  • does not require further processing


  • high price

At the request of the customer, all mentioned above materials can be subjected to antiseptic processing. In addition, on the pages of our website you can find information on the loading of lumber in vehicles and the cost on terms FCA.

Russian Timber Company can offer you the best lumber for the best prices. We are always pleased to consult you concerning questions of export lumber from Russia. Feel free to contact us.


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