Pallet is a tool for carrying out loading and unloading operations of the goods, which simplified and standardized the loading processes. Pallets are very popular all over the world. There are 3 main types of wooden pallets for sale.

pallet types

 You can buy from us following types of the wooden pallets:

  • Used EUR-pallets 1-3 grade.*
  • Used FIN-pallets (industrial pallet) 1-3 grade.*
  • New Russian made pallets of any dimensions – dimensions same as for EUR, FIN or Asia pallets.**

* pallet grades:

1st grade – wooden pallet used not more then 1-2 times. Looks same as new.

2nd grade – wooden pallet used not more then 3-4 times. Allowed small damages and small graying of wood.

3rd grade - wooden pallet used more than 4 times. Could be chips of wood, small cracks, strong graying of wood.

** New pallets of our production could be inflicted IPPC mark. We also proved you with phytosanitary certificate which proves quality of the pallets and allows import pallets in your country.

Feel free to contact us that buy wooden euro pallets for the best price. We are always pleased to consult you concerning questions of export pallets from Russia. 


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