Cheap timber for sale: standing timber prices for softwood and hardwood logs

Below you will find preliminary standing prices for softwood and hardwood for sale on FCA delivery terms according to Incoterms 2010. Costs are based on the shipment by large 40' container. In the case of exports by wagons or bulk, costs will be lower.

Tree species Name in Latin Timber prices, EUR/m3 Loading place
Spruce Pícea 120 (90*) Kostroma
Firs Ábies 120 (90*) Novosibirsk
Pine Pínus sylvéstris 120 (90*) Kostroma
Angara pine Ecotype of pínus sylvéstris 146 (110*) Irkutsk
Larch Lárix 106 Krasnoyarsk
Сedar Cedrus 117 Krasnoyarsk
Birch Bétula 48 Kostroma
Aspen Pópulus trémula 47 Smolensk
Ash Fraxinus 409 Bryansk
Oak Quércus 300 Voronez
Beech Fágus 515 Krasnodar


* Cost for export unsplit wood logs according to license. Particular volume in accordance with the balance on the license.

 Mentioned above rates include:

  • Whole logs cost.
  • Loading.
  • Export duties and preparation export customs declaration.
  • Phytosanitary certificate.
  • Documents confirming the legality of the timber.
  • Certificate of origing.

Over the past two years, export of round wood from Russia have been increasing steadily. This trend is mainly due to the decreasing of RUB to other currencies. Offering a cheap wood, Russian merchants were able to increase the volume of supplies due to obvious competitive advantages.

The main sales markets for Russian wood are China and Finland. Percentage of logs deliveries for sale to China is about 60%, to Finland about 30%. Rest 10 % sales to:

  • CIS countries. Basically Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.
  • EU countries: Sweden, Germany, Latvia, Poland.
  • Serious growth is observed in supplies to Japan, Iran, and the Republic of Korea.

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