Russian wood (timber) export and log delivery

Below you can find the table with 5 basic ways of log delivery for wood export from Russia and its comparison. Each of the following delivery methods has its advantages and disadvantages . Click to the button "Find more" for getting information and watch the loading process.

Type of transportation Description Time for transport supply Loading volume* Links
Truck Fast supply of transport for loading and fast delivery for Russian timber exports. 3 days 25 м3
Wagon or railway platform The average time for transport supply, the average delivery time. 14 days 75 м3
Wagon and trucks Allows to significantly increase the delivery area of the timber to EU due to transshipment from the wagon to the truck and delivery to the client’s door. 14 days 75 м3
Containerships Average time for container supply, medium-long time of delivery, depending on the point of delivery. 7 days

32 m3 for 40’ container

Vessel Long time for vessel supply and huge loading ability. The cheapest for timber importers. 1 month 2000 m3 and higher


* The average value for a pine with a density of 800 kg / m3, diameter 40 cm and length 6 m. Values for other types of wood may vary. The volume of the loading depends on the size, density, and geometry of the tree.

Please contact with us for accurate calculation of the loading for your exact requirements.


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